Gulf of Mexico: Cocaine floating in bags worth $1 million

Cocaine floating Gulf of Mexico

Packets of Cocaine worth more than 1 million dollars were found floating in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana. According to the authorities, the cocaine was found by a boat captain who noticed packets on the water.

What do you do when you find $1 million worth of cocaine floating in the Gulf of Mexico? If you are this captain, you will contact Homeland Security to report. Indeed, oOver $1 million dollars worth of cocaine was recovered approximately 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana, according to deputies with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The bundle consisted of 30 individually, each package weighing about 2.5 pounds for a combined weight of roughly 75 pounds, or 30 kilograms, the release said. According to the authorities, the origin of the cocaine is not known. But Investigators with the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office are working with federal law enforcement officials to determine the origin of cocaine.

The Mexican cartels are constitaly trying to find new ways to smuggle drugs into the United States. Earlier this year, canadian police today announced that they had seized some 180 kilograms of methamphetamine imported from Mexico by the powerful Sinaloa cartel and concealed the synthetic drug in car tires brought by Ford.

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