Georgia: Marion Wilson to be executed

Georgia Marion Wilson

Georgia man Marion Wilson is to be executed. The clemency petitions were denied and today the state of Georgia will carry out the execution of Marion Wilson, a convicted of the murder of a prison guard more than two decades ago.

Marion Wilson Jr. will die by lethal injection this Thursday at the Baldwin County Jail. Wilson Jr. and his accomplice, Robert Earl Butts Jr., were convicted of the March 1996 murder of Donovan Corey Parks. Butts was executed in May 2018.

Wilson Jr. ordered a last dinner of chicken wings, pizza and ice cream.

Authorities have said that Butts and Wilson shot Parks with a shotgun a short distance away.

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles held a clemency hearing on Wednesday and announced that it was denied. The board is the only authority in Georgia that can commute a death sentence.

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