Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi dies at court hearing


Serving seven years in prison, Mohamed Morsi suffered a malaise during a court appearance.

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, 67, died after suffering a malaise during a court appearance in Cairo, state television reported on Monday.

Mohamed Morsi, from the Islamist movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, became in 2012 the first freely elected president in Egyptian history, one year after the “Nile revolution” and the fall of his predecessor Hosni Mubarak.

He had himself been overthrown by the army a year later after big demonstrations against his power. The chief of the army, Marshal Abdel Fattah el Sissi, was subsequently elected president.

Mohamed Morsi was serving several prison sentences, including one for 20 years for ordering the killing of protesters in 2012, and one in perpetuity for spying for Qatar, with which he shared confidential documents.

He was appearing on Monday in another espionage case because of suspected contacts with the Palestinian Hamas. The organization is an emanation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar hosts the spiritual guide of the brotherhood.

According to state television, Mohamed Morsi suffered a malaise during the hearing and his death was noticed shortly thereafter. He was 67 years old. “He spoke in front of the judge for 20 minutes then he was animated and fainted, he was quickly taken to the hospital where he died later,” a judicial source told local media.

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The Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan, of which he was one of the main supporters, was the first to pay tribute to him on Monday night. “May God grant our martyr, our brother Morsi, his mercy,” Erdogan told a group of journalists.

Abbad Farid

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