FedEx apologizes to phone maker Huawei for redirecting packages to US

Fedex apologizes Huawei phone US

FedEx apologizes phone maker Huawei for redirecting packages to US–The US company FedEx, one of the largest specialists in international air cargo, had to apologize to the Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei, after wrongly sending some of its packages to the United States: precisely, the country that is carrying out a fierce trade war against the Chinese company.

FedEx issued its apology statement on a Chinese social network, Reuters reports, and explained that the shipments were “misdirected by mistake.”

“We are aware of all the shipments in question and we are working directly with our customers” to get them to where they should, said the representative of the transport company.

Previously a spokesman for Huawei, Joe Kelly, had stated that the deviated shipments included “important commercial documents” and that the incident undermined his confidence in FedEX.

Two of the consignments sent from Tokyo to Huawei’s offices in China, on May 19 and 20, but arrived in Memphis (USA); while two others that were sent from Hanoi (Vietnam) to dependencies of the telecommunications company in Hong Kong (China) and Singapore, were retained upon arrival at the FedEx offices in those places, for “delivery exception”. “Now we will have to review our logistics and the requirements for the delivery of documents, as a direct result of these incidents,” Kelly concluded.

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As part of its apologies, FedEx made an effort to rule out that these mistakes were related to the restrictions imposed by the US on Huawei. Washington accuses that company of being an agent of espionage of the Chinese Government. Even President Donald Trump said that “Huawei is something very dangerous.”

With the ban on trading with Huawei (which will enter in full force in August), more and more US companies are limiting their relationship with the Chinese technological giant. The Donald Trump administration explicitly banned (by placing it on the “blacklist”) Huawei from doing business with technology companies based in the United States because of “security problems.”

FedEx was also recently involved in another controversy relating to Huawei. A member of the PC Magazine staff reported through Twitter that within their company they wanted to send a Huawei phone to the United States to carry out tests, and they could not. The P30 Pro was supposed to go from the offices of the Magazine in the UK to Indianapolis through FedEx, but the package was returned to the sender in the United Kingdom.

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In a note pasted on the package that contained the Huawei brand smartphone, FedEx wrote: “package returned by FedEx due to the problem of the government of the United States with that of China and Huawei.”

This latest event shows the tension being generated around the prohibition. In fact, at present, the inclusion of Huawei in the “black list” will prevent US companies from trading with the Chinese telecommunications giant starting August, but it has nothing to do with sending a phone between two private entities.

FedEx, without taking too much work to resolve the issue, decided that it would be better not to deal with the problem at all.

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