Family of Jennifer Hillier-Penney disappointed by rumor of mother’s finding

Jennifer Hillier-Penney

Family Jennifer Hillier-Penney — Marina Penney believes she has less and less chance of finding her mother, Jennifer Hillier-Penney, missing since 2016.

The family of a missing mother in Canada heard a rumor this weekend about a fisherman who found a piece of plastic that looked like an air mattress in Newfoundland and Labrador. The rumor turned out to be true.

Marina Penney then heard that bones were inside the recovered object, possibly those of her missing mother in the city of St. Anthony, Newfoundland, on November 30, 2016.

“When I heard that it was bones and that I could not join the police, I was convinced that we were going to find her. It could have been her and it would be over,” Marina Penney, daughter of Jennifer Hillier-Penney.
Unfortunately, this second rumor turned out to be false news.

I had too much hope to find her, confessed the young woman.

She also says that she believes less and less about the possibilities of finding her mother now.

Photo of Jennifer Hillier-Penney in close-up.
Jennifer Hillier-Penney went missing from her ex-husband’s home on November 30, 2016. Photo: Marina Penney

Jennifer Hillier-Penney disappeared from the house of her ex-husband, Dean Penney, one night in 2016. She went there to see her other daughter, Deana, while Dean was hunting in their cottage, which was about 45 minutes from his home.

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The next morning, her daughter woke up and found all of her mother’s personal belongings in the house. Her car was also in the yard, but there has been no trace of Jennifer Hillier-Penney since that night.