Ella Casano, 12, invents teddy bears to disguise IVs

Ella Casano teddy bears

A young girl by the name of Ella Casano has invented a teddy bear to hide IVs which scare her during her hospital stays. She plans on producing the bears and giving them away to other children.

For a child, visiting hospitals regularly can be overwhelming, as can being surrounded by tubes and medications. To ease such visits to the hospitals, a young girl has come forth with a brilliant idea: a unique product that will make visits to the medical center a bit more tolerable for children like her.

According to WTHR, Ella Casano suffers from idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (known as ITP), an autoimmune disease in which her body destroys its own platelets.

The 12-year-old girl should receive infusions every two months to take care of her health and admitted to feeling “a bit intimidated” by all the medical team that surrounds her during these visits, so she looked for a way to facilitate this experience.

Casano created “Medi Teddy,” a soft and cuddly teddy bear that covers bags of intravenous medication or blood, which includes openings in the back to access its contents.

The minor has patented its creation and has already created the prototypes, but needs to manufacture at least 500 units before supplying its first order.

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To do this, she made available to the community a campaign on the GoFundMe platform, which can be found here: gofundme.com/f/help-500-kids-receive-a-medi-teddy

Best of all, once the bears are made, she plans to give them away to children who go through hospital treatments.

Emy Torres

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