Electric car soon to have noise devices

electric car noise devices

Electric car noise devices–By next July, all electric cars manufactured in the European will have to produce a sound when traveling at low speeds to prevent collisions with pedestrians. At present, only the Rebault ZoĆ© meets this future standard.

Today, and besides the fuel economy, the main advantage of an electric car is its almost absolute silence, at least at low speed. A definite advantage that can also turn into real danger for pedestrians and other cyclists, who can sometimes cross the road without knowing that a vehicle is coming. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the risk of collision for pedestrians would be 19% greater with an electric car than with a thermal model. The culprit, the absence of noise associated with a lack of vigilance on the part of the victims, resulting in accidents that can sometimes be tragic.

Thus, to prevent accidents with pedestrians, the European Union has created a legislation that will force electric vehicle manufacturers to introduce artificial sound to their vehicles as of July 1st.

Technology is sometimes dangerous. The silence of electric cars is nice to avoid noise pollution in the city, but it can be a source of accidents with pedestrians who do not hear the vehicles start or accelerate. To remedy this problem, the European Union has decided that starting July 1st, all non-thermal cars manufactured on the European territory should make a noise when they are running at a speed below 20 kilometers per hour.

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A specific minimum of 56 decibels has even been set for electric vehicle manufacturers. The goal is for pedestrians to be able to hear vehicles that could start or accelerate behind them. This preventive noise could improve road safety in the European Union, especially for visually impaired people who rely heavily on the sounds of their environment. It will also help distracted pedestrians looking at their phones.

Unusually, the European legislation sets no rules as to the type of sound that must be emitted by the electric vehicle. We can imagine that the automakers will get original and offer some rather unique sounds. According to siecledigital.com, electric vehicle manufacturers have been preparing for a long time and have already thought about those noises.

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