Dare2tri to the rescue of Wounded Veterans


Dare2tri has come to rescue of wounded veterans. The organization has launched a training race to help veterans recover from debilitating injuries.

They are the men and women who gave their youth and health to America. In the process, many have of them have lost a leg, an arm, and sometimes both. However, this week they came together to reclaim their fitness as part of marathon organized by f Dare2Tri military camp for wounded verterans.

“This feels like a huge step for me,” says Juan Cornejo, an Afghanistan marine veteran who came to the event. Cornejo sufferend from brain injury and despite being told that he would never walk again, he has not lost hope. He was there to run, bike and swim. “It’s proving to me that even though we’re hurt, we’re not completely out of the game. To me, it’s proof that I can and will.”

Iraq and Afghanistan was veterans have had a hard time recovering from injuries suffered during their service. Half a million American soldiers have participated in the war in Iraq. For those who have returned wounded, mutilated or disabled, the war in Iraq is not over. They brought it back to the country. Their families will not have been spared. More than two million American children have a parent who participated in the war. Five hundred thousand of them have psychological problems.

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This event was made possible under the hospice of Dare2Tri military camp. The latter, in partnership with Leon’s Triathlon, is training 130 wounded warriors, who have suffered dramatic injuries during their time in the Middle East.

Carl Frantz

Polyglot, humanitarian, Carl was born in Germany but raised in the USA. He writes mostly on tech, science and culture.