Roman shipwreck discovered with its cargo off the coast of Cyprus

Roman shipwreck Cyprus 1

Cyprus—Roman shipwreck discovered with its cargo off the coast of Cyprus. An intact wreck dating back to the Roman era was discovered with its cargo off Cyprus, a first for the Mediterranean island, said Thursday the authorities who felt that this discovery could help deepen the knowledge of trade history in the region.

“The wreck is a Roman ship loaded with amphora”, vases traditionally used to transport oil or wine, said the Cypriot Department of Antiquities in a statement. “This is the first untouched Roman wreck ever found in Cyprus, the study of which should shed new light on the extent of maritime trade between Cyprus and the rest of the Roman provinces in the eastern Mediterranean according to the Department of Antiquities.

The wreck was discovered near the resort town of Protaras, in the south of the island, by volunteer divers from an archaeological research team at the University of Cyprus.

Research in Cypriot waters has already led to other archaeological discoveries in recent years. Another wreck, 2,400 years old, which sank off Mazotos (south) in the fourth century BC, was until now considered one of the best preserved in the Mediterranean. Last December, archaeologists working on this wreck discovered elements to better understand the evolution of shipbuilding techniques in antiquity, reported the Cypriot Department. With part of its hull raised to the surface, archaeologists were able to determine that it made use of both Phoenician and Greek techniques.

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