Cody Bellinger fan hug is best day ever

Cody Bellinger fan hug best day ever

Cody Bellinger fan hug best day ever—Cody Bellinger is a fantastic player. He proved it to us during his rookie season in 2017 and again this season with one of the most fruitful seasons ever for a player in the great history of the Dodgers.

And since he’s also a handsome young millionaire man, it’s normal for the guy to have girls drooling over him. One of them, yesterday, really wanted to know him a little better and that’s why she jumped on the field of Dodger Stadium to go hug him in the middle of the game against Colorado.

Unsurprisingly, security stopped her and, as Bellinger told her, she’s going to jail for that. “It’s worth it,” she replied.

Bellinger, although flattered by the attention, had to pass a message asking supporters to stop doing this kind of thing. He chose irony to lighten the message. ” My hugs aren’t that great, so don’t rush me on the field,” he said following the event.

However, despite being talked by security guards, the 14-year-old fan does not seem to have had a change of heart.”

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“Best day ever? I think so,” she posted on her twitter account with images of the events.

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