Cardi B indicted in strip club fight case

Cardi B indicted

Cardi B indicted — 26-year-old rapper Cardi B was charged on Friday with a series of new charges related to a nightclub brawl that weighed down her case a few months after she refused to plead guilty.

The American rapper Cardi B was charged Friday in New York with a series of new charges related to a fight in a nightclub, which has been weighing down her record for a few months after her refusal to plead guilty.

A grand jury, meeting to examine the charges of the District Attorney’s Office of Queens, added 14 more charges to the six that already appeared, in early October, in the first charge of Belcalis Almanzar, her real name. Two of them, for assault aimed at damaging the physical integrity of the alleged victim, are more serious and each subject to a parole period of up to 4 years. The heavier charge is punishable by one year’s imprisonment in New York State. The 26-year-old artist is to be served on Tuesday these new charges by a Queens judge.

The alleged facts date back to August 29. That night, the small group she was with at the Angels Strip Club, a Queens nightclub, allegedly threw furniture at two of the club’s waitresses, commissioned by Cardi B herself. The rapper from the Bronx reportedly ordered her entourage to attack them because she suspected one of them had sex with her husband, rapper Offset, who was performing that night in the box with his group, Migos.

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In mid-April, Cardi B had refused to plead guilty to only one charge, an agreement proposed to her by the prosecutor and which would have almost guaranteed her a reduced sentence. She has never spoken publicly about the case since she was first charged. In January, Cardi B won the rap album of the year award at the Grammy Awards, a first for a woman. Since her explosion in the summer of 2017, three of her titles have reached the peak of record sales in the United States, as has her album, Invasion Of Privacy.

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