Cameroon slams VAR, Neville slams the Cameroonians

Cameroon slams VAR

Cameroon slams VAR — In the 16th round of the Women’s World Cup, played on June 23 in Valenciennes, France, the indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon got very angry after losing the match to England’s team. The Cameroonian team blames Var.

An electric atmosphere. This Sunday, June 23, England and Cameroon clashed in the eighth finals of the Women’s World Cup football. A match organized at the Hainaut stadium in Valenciennes, France, which the English won largely (3-0), joining Norway in the quarter-finals.

But if the score was comfortable, the scenario of the match, did not fail to raise some controversy. And for good reason: between spits, the vicious tackles, the errors and the protests, the arbitration was indeed less than stellar.

After less than a quarter of an hour of play, on an English center, a Cameroonian defender began by sliding the ball to her goalkeeper … who grabbed it by hand. A maneuver obviously prohibited by the laws of the game, which that the referee did not hesitate to sanction with a free-kick just six meters from the goal. A golden opportunity for British captain Stephanie Houghton, who was quick to convert it.

But it was a little later that things got bad. Just before the break, when they were convinced that they had seen an offside (non-existent), the Cameroonians initially protested at length against the decision of the referee — assisted by VAR, this system of video arbitration — to grant the goal to the English. A choice that brought tears to the faces of several Cameroonian players, who initially refused to resume the game.

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Then in the 55th minute, a second intervention of the video refereeing denied the Cameroonian, for an offside crampon, a goal. This time again, the Cameroonian selection strongly protested.

According to the BBC, which broadcasted the match, some players and Cameroon officials even accused Fifa of racism following these decisions, according to them unfair and unjustified.

At the end of the match, and after the third goal of the British, the atmosphere deteriorated a little more, a Cameroonian player pushed violently but inadvertently the referee before another goes to an Englishwoman asking her to get up even though the latter had suffered a particularly violent tackle. A little earlier, two British players had also been victims of an involuntary spit on the arm, and the other of a violent nudge not sanctioned by the referee.

A run that the English coach, Phil Neville, called “shameful”.

“Images are going out worldwide about how to act. Young girls playing all over the world that are seeing that behaviour, it’s not right. I can’t stand here and say “it’s fantastic, it’s brilliant, we’re into the quarter final,” he said. ‘There’s a bigger picture here. There’s a certain standard of behaviour you’ve got to do. My players did that, and I’m proud,” he added.

At the end of this match particularly choppy and hectic, it is finally the English who composted their ticket for the next round. They will now face Norway, Thursday, June 27 in Le Havre, in the quarter-final.

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