Boris Johnson to fire mps who don’t promise to commit to Brexit

boris johnson fire mps

Boris Johnson fire mps — BORIS Johnson, the front-runner to become the next British Prime Minister, says that he will make sure that everyone in his cabinet promise to commit to Brexit by October 31 – or they’ll be fired. The front-runner to become Tory leader says that he will expect everyone in his top team to agree with his policy to leave,┬ádeal or no deal.

Favorite to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May, Boris Johnson said that an exit without agreement from the European Union was very unlikely. However, he said it was necessary to prepare for it.

In trouble as a result of personal business, Boris Johnson tries to revive. On Wednesday, the Conservative Party candidate, and therefore the UK’s prime minister, took part in a social media debate. Asked about the Brexit scheduled for October 31 and the possibility of going out without the agreement with the European Union, Boris Johnson said consider such a solution but nuanced this probability. “I do not think we’re getting there – in my opinion, there’s a one in a million chance (that’s going to happen) – but it’s vital that we get ready,” he said.

The former mayor of London is engaged in a fight with Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt to become leader of the Conservative Party, to whom will return the post of Prime Minister. The two men will be separated by the end of July by the 160,000 members of the Tories.

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To win, Boris Johnson is playing the Brexit savior card, originally scheduled for March 29 and postponed until October 31, to find an alternative solution to the EU withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May with Brussels and rejected three times by British MPs. For its part, Brussels has always refused to renegotiate the text.

On Wednesday, the former mayor of London on the other hand excluded working with Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party and winner of the European elections, not to give him “oxygen”.

“We need someone who believes (in Brexit),” Boris Johnson insisted, citing his role in the pro-Brexit campaign in the 2016 referendum, when Jeremy Hunt was fighting in the opposite camp.

In a letter posted on Twitter, Boris Johnson was already on the offensive and challenged his competitor to leave the EU in late October with or without a renegotiated agreement. “If you do not do it, voters deserve to know what other deadline you will set,” provoked the former mayor of London.

“If I become PM, we will leave the EU on 31st October, deal or no deal. Today I have asked @Jeremy_Hunt whether he will also commit to this date, no matter what. We must keep our promises to the British people and deliver Brexit – no ifs, no buts, and no second referendum,” Johnson twitted.

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“Hi Boris, it’s good to talk. But no need for snail-mail. Why not turn up to Sky tonight and I’ll give you full and frank answers? #BoJoNoShow,” Jeremy Hunt replied in a new spike to his opponent whom he called “cowardly” for refusing to participate in a televised debate Tuesday night.

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