Anne Hathaway crew attacked on set

Anne Hathaway crew attacked

Anne Hathaway crew attacked on set. A crew member of the next Anne Hathaway movie was attacked in the neck. The suspect has already been arrested, while the victim remains hospitalized. The actress has not given statements about it.

A person who belongs to the crew of the new movie of Anne Hathaway, “The Witches” , has been hospitalized after being stabbed in the neck.

The incident happened on Wednesday at the Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden, England , where the entire saga of “Harry Potter ” was filmed, noted media such as Hertfordshire Mercury  and the  Daily Mail. 

A spokesman for Warner Bros. confirmed to Hertfordshire Mercury newspaper that the knife incident had indeed happened on the set of the remake of the Roald Dahl classic.

“I can confirm that it was an isolated work incident in the Warner Bros. study. And the police are treating the case.”

The police clarified that there was a man in custody .

“A man suffered an injury to his neck and was taken to the hospital by ambulance,” he said. While it was confirmed that “A second man was arrested on suspicion of causing the wound with intent to cause serious bodily harm and was placed at the disposal of the police.”

The authorities believe that both men already knew each other.

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Hathaway, 36, will star in the film as the Great Witch, role that Anjelica Houston played in the 1990 film. Octavia Spencer and Chris Rock will also participate.

“The Witches” will hit theaters in October 2020.

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