Ancient tower collapses in Afghanistan

Ancient tower collapse Afghanistan

An ancient tower in Afghanistan has collapsed. Footage posted on social media shows the collapse of one of the ancient towers of the city of Ghazni, a city that has been the theater for intense fighting in recent years.

In Ghazni, in the east of Afghanistan, one of the towers of a 13th-century fort in the old town collapsed. Therefore, the question arises whether the Afghan authorities are able to care for monuments and protect them properly – reports the BBC on Friday.

The video published on social media shows the moment of collapse of the building, which is one of the 32 towers of the fort, most of which have been destroyed in the last several years due to the “inattention” of the relevant authorities.

Afghan officials argue that the reason for the collapse of the tower was a heavy rain, as well as the fact that the fort is located just off the main road in the city. But critics accuse the government of negligence.

The Islamic and pre-Islamic architecture of Ghazni is widely admired, although – as BBC News observes – the civil war that has been going on for years in Afghanistan has had its toll on the monuments.

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The city is situated on a plateau at 2,219 meters above sea level. It is the capital of the province of Ghazni. Highway 1 allows Ghazni to travel to Kandahar in the south-west and Kabul in the northeast. In the eleventh century, Ghazni was the capital of the Ghaznavid dynasty, the most famous being Mahmud Ghazni. In 683 Arab armies brought Islam to the region .

Organization of Islamic Cooperation has designated Ghazni as the Asian City of Islamic Culture. However, many ancient buildings can not be seen because of the Taliban rebellion. Ghazni lies on the main road connecting Kabul to the southern provinces, which are the Taliban bastion.

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