More than 50 electric scooters pulled out of Willamette River

57 scooters Willamette River

57 scooters Willamette River—More than 50 electric scooters have been pulled out of Willamette River in Downtown Portland by the team dive of a county sheriff’s office.

Dozens of e-scooters were piled up in a boat Tuesday while a dive team searched along the downtown sea wall for more. Sgt. Brandon White from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said he wasn’t sure who put the scooters in the river or why they were put there.

It’s also not clear how long the scooters have been in the water, but some of the scooters pulled out Tuesday appeared to have rusted. The lights on one Lime scooter, however, were still working.

The recovery mission in the river drew a small crowd along the seawall in downtown Portland, seemingly all curious by the police activity.

“It kind of sucks to see them being abused like that,” Ryan Alexander told FOX.

A four-month experiment with the e-scooters last year was successful but also generated 6,000 complaints and raised questions about pedestrian safety and the impact of the devices on public spaces like parks. The city said the scooters also led to 176 medical center visits.

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The dive team is using this recovery as a training exercise. They said at the bottom of the river the visibility is so murky and dark that everything has to be found by touch.

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