48-inch Lake Trout caught in Utah

48-inch Lake Trout

A 48-inch Lake Trout has been caught in Utah, setting a record. The massive fish was caught by Matt Smiley of Fairplay, a Colorado man, who released the fish back into the waters.

Smiley’s is the biggest such catch since 2004 when a 26-5/8-inch salmon was caught in the state. However, the  Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) did not weigh the catch and releases fish to avoid having to keep it out of water for a prolonged period of time.

Fish of the family of salmonids, the trout is fond of well-oxygenated rivers, whose temperature does not exceed 18 °C. The family consists of several species, having fusiform body covered with small silvery scales, dotted with spots or ocelli varying from a yellowish gray to dark brown They live mainly in clear and bright waters, and their flesh is highly esteemed.

The river trout’s size varies from twenty to sixty centimeters, and can sometimes reach one meter.

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