19th century German ship sinks shortly after 1.5 million euros restoration

A 19th century German ship that had just been restored sank on Saturday after a collision with a container ship, the police reported.

The schooner “N ° 5 Elbe”, built in 1883 and the last wooden vessel of the time built in Hamburg (Germany), had just spent eight months on a Danish shipyard to be restored, at a cost of 1.5 million euros, local media says.

37 meters long, it was rented for excursions in the harbor or the surroundings. The 43 people it was carrying on Saturday were rescued after the collision, around 12:30 GMT on the Elbe River, with the “Astroprinter” container ship registered in Cyprus. Five people were injured.

Firefighters quickly intervened: the boat was “towed to the shore and the water engulfed was pumped out, but the sinking could not be prevented,” they say in a statement on Facebook.

For now, the modalities of the wreckage rescue were not yet decided: from the ground or with a floating crane? Since it sank in Pentecost weekend, the boat should stay in the water at least until Wednesday.

An investigation was opened on the collision.

Andrei Santov

Andrei, a sociologist by profession, born in Russia but currently located in UK, covers mostly European and Russia-related news for The Talking Democrat.