The Brits are not having enough sex


In many Western countries, sex is becoming increasingly rare. A phenomenon put forward by a study in the United Kingdom: the majority of Brits make love less than once a week.

Time to get dirty: this is what the British are encouraged to do by the National Health Service (NHS). The health system in the United Kingdom is concerned about the decline in sexual activity in the country, says the International Journal of Medicine (IJM). This decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse is also observed in many Western countries, and can be explained in particular by the “frenetic pace of modern life”.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers compared three studies analyzing the frequency of sexual intercourse: one in 1991, involving 18,876 women and men aged 16 to 59; another from 2001, covering 11,161 people aged 16 to 44; the last of 2012, covering 15,162 people aged 16 to 74 years. In the end, of four reports in the last month in 1991 and 2001, the number fell from three in 2012.

Moreover, “the proportion of people claiming to have had no report in the last month increased significantly, from 23 to 29.3% for women and from 26 to 29.2% for men, between the last two months. investigations, “reports the JIM.

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The largest reduction is found among those aged 25 and over, married or living in a relationship. The “sandwich generation”, people in their forties, is particularly affected. “It’s the men and women who, having started their families at an older age than previous generations, often juggle with child care, work and responsibilities to aging parents,” says Kaye Wellings, lead author. of the study.

On the contrary, people with the most frequent sexual intercourses were in better physical and mental health, had full-time work or higher incomes. In all cases, more than half of the study participants, both men and women, reported wanting to have sex more often.

This trend is not only observed across the UK. Recent studies on sexuality agree that Westerners have less and less appeal for sexual practices. This explains in particular their low fertility rates. In France, the frequency of reported sexual intercourse is 8.7 per month. A figure higher than the Germans (8), Italians (7.3) and Americans (5.9). “Individuals polled tend to overestimate the rhythm of their sex life,” notes JIM.

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