Rutherford High School teacher under fire for using unsavory expression on kid’s homework

Rutherford High School Teacher

A Rutherford High School teacher–in the state of Florida–is under fire for writing “WTF is this”, which stands for “what the f**k is this”, on a student’s homework.

Surely there are many teachers who do not give credit to the answers of their students, but from there to verbalize it, or worse, to write it in such a vulgar way, there is a long way to go.

A teacher in Florida is under investigation after writing “WTF?” on the science test of one of her students.

The student’s mother, Melinda Smith, sounded the alarm when she read her son’s test, which seems to be worth 30% of the student’s total score.

In an interview with NBC 7 the mother expressed that she did not report it because her son had failed in the exam, but because the teacher wrote such inappropriate things. “It’s not acceptable for a teacher, not at all,” he said.

The principal of the school, Coy Pilson, has confirmed that they have taken action and are investigating the incident.

“Once we were notified, I notified district officials and our human resources department has been involved and is currently investigating the situation. She apologized and knows that it was a mistake on her part,” said the director.

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Although it is not clear what action the school has taken against the teacher, it seems that her actions will be forgiven and she will not lose her job. There are times when it is also advisable to remember that teachers are also people and we can all make mistakes.

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