Rhode Island bear opens car door, attacks woman

Rhode Island bear opens car

A Rhode Island bear opens a car door on Tuesday with a woman inside scared for her life. The woman managed to close the door but was not out of danger until the police showed up.

A woman had to fight to keep a black bear out of her car on Tuesday according to animal control in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It’s the second time in so many days that a bear has been seen in Narragansett.

The photos of the close encounter were published on the Facebook page of Narragansett, Rhode Island Animal Control. According to information given by the control, the bear opened the car door and the woman had to fight to close it from the inside.

Brenda McCloskey had just finished a gardening job and was entering her Subaru when the bear decided to try to enter through the driver’s door. His lunch was inside.

“He opened the car door halfway and I was able to close it several times, until it was completely closed, so it was a struggle, and it seemed like an eternity,” McCloskey said. She was unharmed. The bear was finally scared off by the sirens of the police.

“Oh, When they got here he had one paw on the car and was biting at the door handle,” McCloskey said.

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The online publication also included a warning: ” Black bears can run as fast as around 30 mph. Yes, it’s ‘cool,’ but it is a bear, a wild animal. If sighted please secure yourself as quickly as possible!”

Narragansett is not the only city in Rhode Island with bear appearances.

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