Hillary Clinton to launch TV production company with daughter Chelsea

Hillary Clinton TV production

We have not seen the last yet of the Clintons. The former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea are set to launch a production company dedicated to film and television projects.

According to Bloomberg, the former presidential candidate and her daughter have already gotten in contact Hollywood studios about financing. However, a name is yet to be given to the company, which–according to the same report–will focus mostly on women issues with women-led productions.

If the project goes through, it won’t be the first time that Hilary has tried her hand at motion picture production. In 2018, the 71-year-old former first lady had signed on to assist producing a show about the activists who helped get women the right to vote called “The Woman’s Hour.”

Clinton, who was beaten by President Donald Trump during the presidential elections of 2016, has revealed in the beginning of March this year that she does not plan to run for the presidency another time. “I will show up but I will continue to talk about and defend what I believe in,” she had said then. “I want to make sure people understand that I will continue to express myself.”

When asked about whether she wishes to take on new public duties, she seemed to avoid dismissing this possibility. “I do not think so, but I love living in New York and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to be a senator for eight years and work with people across the state,” said the former Senator from the State of New York.

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