Gulf of Mexico shipwreck discovered by US Navy scientists


A Gulf of Mexico shipwreck has been discovered by scientists of the US Navy. The ship is most likely more than 150 years old.

Scientists of the US Navy, authors of the finding, have not yet revealed other details about the ship, which was 450 meters below the sea surface.

At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico was found the wreck of what is probably a sailing ship of the mid-nineteenth century. The discovery was made on May 16th by the crew of the NOAA Okeanos Explorer, a ship of exploration of the US Navy, during test exercises of their own equipment.

It is estimated that the boat – made of wood and found at a depth of 450 meters – sank due to a fire and possibly more than 150 years ago. The details about to who or what country it belonged, where it was headed, remain a mystery for the time being.

The only thing that is known with certainty is its dimensions: 37.8 meters long. However, thanks to the high resolution video recorded by the explorers, the experts compiled a ‘photomosaic’ that could help to track more clues about their origin.

In one of these photos, for example, the researchers observed different figures with screws attached to a rubble on the back of the ship. In addition, several iron and copper artifacts were detected in its surroundings.

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Although much of the hull is relatively well preserved, the ship’s copper coating has deteriorated. Interestingly, no structure has been conserved above the waterline. Neither have many tracks of the rigging been found. That is why the hypothesis arose that, before sinking, the ship possibly suffered a fire.

“Generally, when we find or explore shipwrecks, it’s because we have some basic information,” said NOAA researcher Emily Crum, quoted by Charlotte Observer. But, he added, this time the situation was different: “The team simply ‘tripped over’ him [the ship],” Crum confessed.

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