Guardian angel pigeon saves speeding driver $117 dollar fine

Guardian angel pigeon

A “guardian angel pigeon” has saved a speeding driver a fine of 105 euros, nearly 120 dollars, in Germany after both were caught on a speeding camera.

Thanks to a pigeon, a car driver who run into a speed trap in Viersen, Germany manage to get away without a penalty. Was this pigeon a guardian angel? The police seems to think so.

“The Holy Spirit may have thought something of it when he placed his symbol in an exposed spot on May 21st. We have understood the sign and let the racer in peace this time,” jokingly announced the Viersen district police in a post about the very unusual speed camera photo.

On May 21, a police speed trap caught the driver of a Renault Twingo, racing at a speed of 54 km/h in 30 km/h speed limit over the Amener Weg. Normally, the police would have to punish the driver with 105 € fine. “Thanks to the feathered guardian angel with apparently carefully spread wings, the man is spared the fine now,” the police says in the report.

The police interpret this as a sign from heaven. Although “the pigeon deserves a fine as well, because she was also traveling too fast. But since we do not know where she has to be on time for Pentecost, we allow grace to prevail here too.”

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Carl Frantz

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