WWII bomb found Frankfurt river exploded by German authorities

WWII bomb Frankfurt river

A WWII bomb found in a Frankfurt river in Germany was detonated on Sunday by the authorities, the operation causing jets of water several meters high.

Areas in the center of the city were evacuated Sunday morning as experts took charge of the 250-kilogram bomb from the US Air Force. It was not yet established whether the bomb would be exploded or defused.

The explosive device was discovered Tuesday during a diving maneuver by the fire services. About 600 people were asked to leave their homes Sunday around 08:00 in the morning for security reasons. After the evacuation, the divers examined the bomb in the river.

After detonating it, the authorities verified that the explosive was no longer dangerous.

More than 70 years after the end of the Second World War, bombs, ammunition and other remnants of wartime are regularly discovered in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. For example, the discovery in Frankfurt in 2017 of a British bomb with an explosive charge of more than one ton triggered the largest demining operation of its kind since 1945. 65,000 people had to be evacuated. In March of that same year, a huge security perimeter was formed around the central station of Berlin after the discovery of another British bomb in the capital.

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