This Gold Porsche is too Shiny for the Police


A Gold colored Porsche was deemed too shiny by German Police and declared a danger for other automobiles on the road.

How do you get the maximum attention for your luxury car? A 31-year-old German man in Hamburg opted for the variant “gold nugget”. However, all that bling comes with a price.

Hamburg police stopped for the second time within days a golden foil-covered Porsche Panamera. The 31-year-old owner had decorated his luxury car to attract more attention—which he did.

The man was first stopped last week by the Hamburg “Soko Autoposer” in the district of Jenfeld and asked to remove the wrap, as it endangers other road users by its dazzling effect. As the police confirmed on Friday, the man obviously did not want to remove its golden wrap and was stopped again on Wednesday evening.

This time, the driver’s license got revoked and the license plate was taken. The “Gold Poser” had to tow the car. He is only allowed to drive it again after he takes off the golden wrap.

A Lamborghini, also covered in a golden wrap, which had caused a stir in the center of Hamburg last weekend, is now a normal luxury sports car, according to the police. The owner of the several hundred thousand dollar car with 740 HP had the wrap removed.

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The car had been pulled out of traffic in front of the eyes of hundreds of spectators. The 32-year-old driver kept taking selfies of himself and the car.

Eid Lee

Eid is a freelance journalist from California. He covers different topics for The Talking Democrat but focuses mostly on technology and science.