Russia launches submarine capable of carrying nuclear drone

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Russian is building up its nuclear arsenal. A Russian nuclear submarine carrying Poseidon drones, the “weapons of the Last Judgment” according to Western media, was launched in northern Russia. A video of the ceremony was broadcast by the Russian TV channel TVC.

The ceremony to launch the most secret Russian submarines, K-329 Belgorod, was held on Tuesday 23 April at the Sevmach shipyards in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, in the presence of a handful of national media reporters including the TVC TV channel that broadcast a video of the event.

The video shows the commander of the submersible, Anton Alekhine, breaking a bottle of sparkling wine on the hull, as tradition dictates.

Russian President Vladimir Putin followed the celebration in a split-level session from the shipyards of St. Petersburg.

The K-329 Belgorod, the only submarine of project 09852, is intended to carry Poseidon submersible drones capable of carrying conventional and nuclear weapons at a great depth and at a high speed. Belgorod was conceived on the basis of the reworked project of the class 949A Anteï submarines (Oscar II, according to the NATO code). Its technical characteristics are kept secret.

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After two years of joint testing, the submarine and drones are expected to be delivered to the Navy, a source told Sputnik.

Vladimir Putin, for the first time, announced that Russia was developing submarine drones carrying nuclear weapons in March 2018, during the presentation of its annual message to parliament. According to him, these missiles can hit naval aviation groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure.

The Russian submarine drone Poseidon, baptized by Western media “weapon of the Last Judgment”, is able to move at a speed of nearly 110 knots, more than 200 km / h, thanks to an air cushion that the envelope during its progression. In addition, the drone is able to maneuver, changing direction and depth.

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