George Weah on leave due to snakes in office

George Weah Snakes in Office

George Weah, the head of state of Liberia, has taken leave from his presidential offices. A forced withdrawal imposed by the presence of two poisonous snakes in the buildings that house its offices, said the deputy press secretary of the presidency, Smith Toby.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Toby said President Weah was asked to stay away from his offices, pending full fumigation of the buildings. He should get back by Monday.

The two black snakes were spotted coming out of a hole in a wall on Tuesday behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ground floor security desk, which also houses the offices of President George Weah.

Liberia is home to poisonous snakes and the dilapidation of some public buildings is a gateway to the infiltration of these reptiles.

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Andrei Santov

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