Carnival ships face US ports ban


Carnival Cruise ships could soon be banned from docking in US ports. Indeed, a judge from Florida could ban the temporary berthing of cruise ships the Carnival Cruise Line company in US ports for the possible violation of an economic agreement on “unlawfully dumping of fuel” into the sea from one of its ships, the media reported Thursday.

Federal Judge Patricia Seitz threatened on Wednesday to temporarily block Carnival Cruise Line ships from berthing in US ports for the possible charge of “violation of probation,” a decision she will make at a hearing next June.

Apparently, the US-based cruise company Carnival, headquartered in Miami, has been on probation for two years as part of a $ 40 million agreement on illegally throwing gasoline into the sea for eight years and “lying” about it.

The Prosecutor’s Office also points out that its cruises have thrown sewage into Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park, in order to avoid “unfavorable findings in audits ordered by the courts.”

Roger Frizzell, director of communications for Carnival, said in a statement after the hearing on Wednesday that, apparently, “there were some misrepresentations made by others in the court” and that the company intends to “fully address the issues raised” .

Carnival, which owns nine cruise brands and 102 ships, said in a statement that “environmental responsibility has been and continues to be one of the company’s top priorities,” the statement added.

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This week the Seatrade Cruise Global, the largest cruise ship fair in the world, ongoing in Miami Beach, in which the top executives of the sector expressed their optimism and confidence.

The cruise industry is experiencing one of the best periods in its history, more “global” than ever, “highly diversified and innovative” and with a record forecast of 30 million passengers by 2019.

Arnold Ronald, general manager of Carnival Corporation, highlighted at the conference on the state of the industry, the ability and talent to “offer personalized travel experiences through the best technology” in a “very diversified” sector.

Some technological applications that Carnival uses, for example, to “reduce fuel consumption” and advance the protection of the marine environment, he said.

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