Eating pasta at night may reduce stress and insomnia


Contrary to popular belief, eating pasta at night is not bad for your health! These starchy foods would reduce stress and insomnia… as long as you do not eat excessively.

Many people rely on a light meal in the evening, mainly vegetables, to avoid sleeping badly or gain weight. This new study will reassure many! According to US researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, there is no harm in eating spaghetti, shells or other macaroni in the evening.

The study, published in the scientific journal The Lancet, explains that these dishes promote good sleep, but also help reduce stress and insomnia. The findings explain that “pasta consumption promotes insulin synthesis, which facilitates the absorption of serotonin-related tryptophan (which regulates mood) and melatonin (the sleep hormone)”. So yes, pasta can help us relax and sleep well, but be careful, there are conditions!

However, despite this good news for pasta lovers, do not forget the golden rule for the evening meal: it must not be too spicy. And yes, you should also be mindful of weight gain. Since we usually go to sleep after eating at night, and that the body stores the excess calories, an evening meal should be light.

The ideal portion of pasta is 80 grams, 100 maximum. In addition, you should go light on the sauces because it is not the pasta that makes you fat, but the highly dense sauces that usually come with it! So we avoid Bolognese, or worse, pasta carbonara, and be light on the amount of cheese.

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If you want your meal to be entirely beneficial, cook your pasta al dente for better digestion. Last tip: for the pasta to be even more digestible, check the type of flours used for their manufacture. A whole grain pasta is rich in fiber and will therefore be easier to digest.

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