South Carolina Woman mauled to death by own dogs

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A South Carolina woman was mauled to death by her dogs, according to reports from local media and the police. The woman, a resident of the town of Greenville, died due to injuries sustained during the attack, the authorities reported.

Neighbors desperately tried to fend the dogs but it was too late. Aged 52,
Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke, had already lost too much blood through multiple bites around her upper extremities.

According to police, the attack occurred at the woman’s mobile home while she was wrestling the dog. Neighbors arrived at the house and found the woman’s two boxer-mix dogs violently attacking her and dragging her into the house. “It went from looking like they were really playing to them really eating her alive,” said Amber Greer, the neighbor who called 911.

Two other neighbors who live in the same park had to resort to desperate measures to free the woman from the dogs’ teeth. Neighbors Neighbor Denzel Whiteside and William respectively grabbed an ax and a drive shaft tand started beating the dogs in order to free the woman. It was until one of the dogs got hit by the ax that they finally let the woman go.

“When they finally got the dogs off of her, and finally got them to go, she threw her body over the fence,” Greer said. “She didn’t jump; she threw her body like you never seen before. They were eating her.”

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Authorities tried to stop the blood loss by applying tourniquets to Burgess-Dismuke’s arm but according to the Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans, the blood loss was significant. She was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital but was pronounced dead at 10:00 PM.

The dogs are scheduled to be euthanized by the county.

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