Woman raped while in a coma for 14 years gives birth at Phoenix Hospital

woman raped at phoenix hospital

Victim of a rape, a woman who has been into a coma for over 14 years gave birth on Saturday, December 29 to a little boy. All the male staff of the hospital is suspected.

The story, set in a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, is worthy of the darkest films in Almodovar. According to NBC’s revelations, a woman who has been in a coma for more than 14 years gave birth on December 29 to a little boy. Raped in her hospital room, the birth of the child remains a complete mystery to the nursing staff; there were no harbingers to suggest a pregnancy.

“Nobody knew she was pregnant”

“How can this happen? I’m angry, sad, and that makes me sick,” said a nurse, who took care of the unconscious victim during her delivery. “Among the staff, nobody was aware that she was pregnant until very shortly before delivery,” she adds. The patient had moaned part of the morning.

An investigation was opened to determine the person responsible for the rape, and thus the father of the child. Following the interrogation of all the personnel, no suspect has been arrested for the moment. As the victim requires a lot of care, at any time of the day, a multitude of people may be involved.

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New regulations

“We are trying to understand how such a thing could have happened and review our methods and protocols so that it does not happen again,” the hospital said in a statement, speaking of an “unprecedented case”. A new regulation has been adopted: each male employee will now be accompanied by a colleague to enter a patient’s room.

This is not the first time that this kind of drama had occurred. In 2014, for example, an American couple discovered that a nurse had raped their daughter several times while she was in a coma. The perpetrator was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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