The Big Bang would have created a second universe made of dark matter

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According to a recently published study, the Big Bang — the event behind the creation of our universe — would also have created a universe of antimatter mirroring ours.

Indeed, according to a trio of Canadian physicists, the Big Bang would not only have created our universe: it would also have produced a second universe, made of antimatter. So we would have a cosmic partner, whose time goes backward and which works like a mirror of our own. The validation of this theory could also prove the existence of dark matter.

“There’s that mindset of trying to explain a new phenomenon by inventing a new particle or a new field,” says Neil Turok of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. “I think that can mislead”.

For this reason, his team and he chose to go from the already-existing. They then developed their theory of an anti-universe, while preserving the fundamental rule of physics called CPT symmetry. They questioned the possibility of a natural way to extend the universe beyond the Big Bang. “And it turns out that there was one!” Enthuses the physicist.

According to them, the Big Bang would not only have been at the origin of our universe, it would also have generated a second “anti-universe”. Paired with ours and like an image in a mirror, it would recede in time and be constituted, not of matter… but of antimatter.

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This theory also implies that the universe would be filled with “sterile deneutrinos”, very massive particles that could explain the very mysterious dark matter.

This is not the first time that the theory of a mirror universe has been brought forth. Already in 2014, an international team of astrophysicists were already asking the question in an article also published in the journal Physical Review of Letters. Neil Turok and his colleagues admit that they need to refine their work on this hypothesis.

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