Repeated miscarriages could be due to the sperm quality of the partner

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Repeated miscarriages occur when a woman has 3 miscarriages or more after more than 20 weeks of pregnancy. According to scientists at the Imperial College in London, Britain, these recurrent miscarriages could be due to the poor quality of the partner’s sperm.

According to a study published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, oxidative stress can damage sperm by making them more reactive to oxygen. The partners of women who have had a miscarriage have four times more oxygen reactive species in their sperm.

For this study, Dr. Channa Jayasena and colleagues at the Imperial College examined the sperm quality of about 50 men whose partners had difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term and had suffered at least three miscarriages. They also collected healthy semen from 60 other volunteers whose partners had successfully completed their pregnancy. They found that the sperm of men whose partners had miscarried was twice as bad as that of men whose partners had had a baby.

According to the researchers, this oxidative stress that damages sperm could be partly due to age but also to obesity.

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