Pollution increases the risk of miscarriages

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A study evaluated the impact of air pollution on the unborn child. In case of pollution, pregnant women should avoid going out and should buy indoor air filters.

Exposure to a high level of certain air pollutants during pregnancy exposes the expectant mother to a high risk of miscarriage, as high as smoking. This is the result of a study led by Dr. Matthew Fuller of the University of Utah (USA).

This study was conducted in Salt Lake City, USA, where nitrogen dioxide levels are similar to those found in highly polluted cities such as London and Paris. The records of more than 1,300 women who had a miscarriage between 2007 and 2015 were analyzed against the thresholds of pollution. For now, researchers do not know how air pollution harms the fetus, but they think it can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in the uterus.

Dr. Fuller became interested in the deleterious effects of fine particles when a member of his family had a miscarriage during a high pollution spike that. “Then I started to notice, anecdotally, that there was a spike in the number of ER miscarriages during and after the peaks of pollution,” he told The Guardian.

To reduce the risk of miscarriage, the doctor therefore recommends that pregnant women avoid efforts during polluted days and consider the purchase of indoor air filters.

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This study was published in the journal Fertility and sterility.

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