Pakistani airline wants its hostesses to lose weight or stay on the ground

Flight Attendant

Pakistan International Airlines imposes on its air hostesses to have a standard weight, otherwise they must offload the extra pounds. A sexist measure against which activists have come out in force.

Air hostesses deemed overweight will be prohibited from flying. This is the discriminatory regulation imposed by the Pakistani company Pakistan International Airlines on its employees. Those whose body mass index (BMI) is considered excessive, those who weigh more than 68 kilograms for 1.65m, will no longer be able to work in their position as flight attendant until they have lost the “extra” pounds.

Management explains that through this new regulation that employees who have 13 extra pounds, for example, will be subject to a diet with a weight loss goal of nearly 2.5 kilograms per month. This slimming program must be followed until July before a medical evaluation to verify that the stewardess complies with the slimming diktat set by the company. If the hostesses fail to “get in shape”, they will stay “on the ground” until their BMI allows them to resume their work in the air.

This injunction — as you can expect — has provoked the ire of the parties affected as reported by the Journal Post. After expressing their concern, the flight attendants explained that this imposed weight loss was difficult to meet because of the reality of working conditions. The employees of the company say they are ready to sue their employer if this regulation is not repealed.

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This case of physical discrimination among flight attendants is not isolated. In 2017, Russian flight attendants sued their employers after suffering a pay cut after being deemed “old” and “too ugly”. A lawsuit they won.

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