Malaysia Sultan Muhammad V resigns from kingship

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Elected by the Royal Council in 2016 at the age 49 years old, King Muhammad V resigned on Sunday, January 6, after weeks without public appearance, which had sparked rumors. He is the first Malaysian Sultan to leave his post since independence.

The king of Malaysia abdicated on Sunday, January 6, the palace announced, ending weeks of speculation fueled by his official absence for health reasons and rumors that he married a former Russian beauty queen.

Sultan Muhammad V is the first king of Malaysia to abdicate since this Muslim country regained its independence from Britain in 1957.

“The National Palace announces that his majesty has resigned as the 15th king, and that this decision comes into force on January 6,” said the palace statement, which gives no reason for this departure.

Rumors of marriage with a former Miss Moscow

But the rumors, they, were going well these last weeks around the absence of the king. Officially, he was absent in November to receive medical treatment.

But rumors then spoke of a marriage with a former Miss Moscow – rumors that the palace refused to comment on.

Finally, this week, the exceptional meeting of the Royal Council suggested that things were serious.

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy with unique modalities in the world. The king changes every five years, still elected among the royal families who run nine of the 13 states of the country. Muhammad V was elected by the Royal Council in December 2016.

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