Is the Earth flat? There is a cruise to prove it…

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The most influential flat-earth organization is currently preparing a cruise to prove that the Earth is flat. Proponents of this controversial theory want confirmation of one of the foundations of their belief: the flat Earth is surrounded by a huge barrier of ice.

A few months ago, we talked about how YouTube’s suggestions helped convert many people to the flat Earth theory. This idea originated in the 1950s with the creation of the Flat Earth Society and had fallen into oblivion, before resurfacing in the mid-2000s with the advent of social networks and platforms such as YouTube.

According to the followers of this theory, humanity is bathed in a large-scale plot – orchestrated by NASA – intended to hide the world that the Earth is actually flat. It challenges everything, or almost everything we know about Earth and Space. If one of their favorite targets is the existence of the Earth’s curvature, there is also the Antarctic continent. This one represents for the followers a great barrier of ice encircling an Earth in the form of a disc. This “wall of ice” would also hide something, including the edge of a huge dome covering the planet.

According to an article published on January 10, 2019 by The Guardian, a decision was taken at the Flat Earth International Conference 2018. The organizers plan indeed to put together a cruise in 2020 to precisely prove the existence of this wall of ice . The site of the organization promises what they call “the largest, the most daring and the most marvelous adventures”.

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On the other hand, the explorers might encounter some difficulties. Questioned by the British daily, the maritime judicial expert and former ship captain Henk Keijer is formal: “The nautical charts are designed with this in mind: the Earth is round.”

He also mentioned the existence of GPS, the global positioning system. In his opinion, this is the only formal proof that the Earth is really a sphere and not a flat disc. Indeed, GPS relies on the 24 main satellites orbiting the Earth, whose mission is to provide position and navigation information.

In addition to organizations advocating the flat Earth theory, some individuals are also trying to make themselves heard on this subject. For example, the American rapper B.o.B, who in 2017 had tried in vain to raise funds – via a crowdfunding operation – to send a satellite into space, the purpose of which was to prove that our planet is flat.

In early 2018, an American sexagenarian by the name of Mike Hughes (known as “Mad Mike”) had failed for the second time to launch his homemade rocketan American sexagenarian by the name of Mike Hughes (known as “Mad Mike”) had failed for the second time to launch his homemade rocket, which had the wacky goal of taking pictures of the Earth at a derisory altitude of about 550 meters — also to prove that the Earth is flat.

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