Archeologists have discovered a mysterious seal that is mentioned several times in the Bible

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A group of archaeologists, made up of experts from two universities in Israel, recently discovered a very symbolic piece of the region’s history that would even validate the figure of the governor of Jerusalem, a character named in the Bible.

This discovery was made very close to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The artifacts, a clay stamp, about the size of a button, has some figures that refer to this authority thousands of years ago.

According to the study, it is estimated that this piece is about 2,700 years old and that it belonged to the first period of the famous temple. However, one of the people in charge of the study indicates that the engraving that is in this seal is a representation of two men in combat.

In addition, Benjamin Sass, an archaeologist at the University of Tel Aviv, told the media that this badge also contained a message in Hebrew: “Belonging to the governor of the city,” which supports the biblical writings of antiquity.

The experts took the opportunity to clarify that, at that time, the position of the governor was considered to be that of an administrator or something similar to the authority with the highest hierarchy.

“This position is known by the Bible and by extra-biblical documents and refers to an official appointed by the king,” added Sass.

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They also justified the appearance of the seal in the temple as a kind of gift, which was made in those times in which the authorities sent high officials from other regions as a symbol of gratitude.

“Probably one of the buildings of our excavations was the destination of a similar gift sent by the governor of the city,” said Weksler Bdolah, an archaeologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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