Weighing 552 carats, the largest diamond in North America has been discovered in Canada


Mining company Dominion Diamond Mines and its partner Rio Tinto Group unearthed a 552 carat diamond at the Diavik mine in October, approximately 135 miles south of the Arctic Circle, in the territories of northwestern Canada.

The finding, which was recently revealed, exceeds three times the size of the largest diamond ever found in Canada, which weighs 187 carats and was discovered in the same mine.

The amazing stone was discovered when going through the initial selection process in the Diavik recovery plant, and had a diameter of 33.74 mm x 54.56 mm and an exact weight of 552.74 carats. While Diavik and the neighboring mine Ekati produce very high quality diamonds, they are not famous for the type of huge gems normally found in mines in southern Africa.

Shane Durgin, CEO of Dominion, said the diamond has the quality of a gem, which means it is suitable for jewelry, but gave few additional details to determine its value.

The 552-carat yellow gem is almost 3 times the size of the next largest stone discovered in North America. “We can label it as luxury yellow, but beyond that, because of its harsh nature and the abrasions received at the processing facility, that’s all we can comment on,” Durgin told local media.

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“It is very difficult to give a rough estimate. Once again, everything depends on the cut and the final result of the stone,” he added.

Due to the importance of the discovery, Dominion will select a partner in the next few weeks who will cut and polish the stone. As the diamond is still being evaluated, it is too early to determine the final value of the diamond

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