Donald Trump, a newly discovered amphibian

Donald Trump 1

The discovery of a species of amphibians in Panama recently became news, after the makers of the discovery made the decision to baptize the newly discovered animal as Dermophis donaldtrumpi, in “honor” of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who recently generated controversy over his environmental policies around climate change.

The animal is almost 4 inches long, looks very similar to a worm, and was named after Donald Trump at the request of Aidan Bell, CEO of the company of sustainable construction materials EnviroBuild. The businessman has paid $25,000 to acquire the rights to do so in an auction held for the benefit of the environmental organization Rainforest Trust.

Now that the name of this new species is official, specialists will be able to use it if they do a scientific investigation about this creature, which belongs to the Cecílida family, a type of amphibian that is characterized by the fact that it lives underground.

Mr. Bell argues that the name is perfect and that “Cecílido comes from the Latin ‘caecus’, which means ‘blind’, an ideal analogy for the position that Trump has adopted steadily in the face of the threats posed by climate change and the few actions undertaken by the president.

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Last November, a report by the US Government has warned that American citizens are already suffering the effects of climate change, citing as an example the recent floods or forest fires. However, Trump remained skeptical about the issue, arguing that he did not believe in this report made by his own administration.

Carl Frantz

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