Japanese University accused of lowering women’s grades in its admission exam


A university in Tokyo, Japan would have modified the admission scores of its female candidates for several years to limit their number among the students. The news of the practice caused a Shockwave in Japan and around the world.

The revelation is scandalous, to say the least. For several years, a medical school in Tokyo, Japan, reportedly lowered the grades of its female candidates in the admission exam, with the goal of limiting the number of female students, as reported by the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun.

The sexist practice was uncovered during another investigation on the same university’s ethics, as it is also accused of favoring the son of an influential member of the Ministry of Education by admitting him to the school without the required grades, according to the Japanese paper.

“Following this article, we have asked a law firm to open an internal investigation,” says Fumio-Azuma, spokesman for the institution. The results are expected for the month of August.

According to anonymous sources quoted by the newspaper, the practice dates back to 2011. The year before, the administration had noticed an increase in the number of women took the admission test. There were 40% of women admitted, doubling the number of the previous year. Following this observation, the university would have worked so that there would be no more than 30% of women admitted to the school each year. “Women often give up being a doctor once they are married and have children,” an unnamed source said to AFP.

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Long hours of work, emergency calls, “there is a consensus within the university that male doctors are more supportive for the university hospital,” continues the source. In Japan, women are highly educated, but the intensity of work habits, which can lead to deaths due to overwork, often leads women to stop their careers when they start a family.

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