Bing-drinking causes weight gain


It’s proven: binge-drinking makes people fat. Excessive consumption of alcohol (even punctual) can lead to weight gain. Explanations.

To lose our stubborn pounds, we tend to focus only on the content of our plate: we eat less fat, less sweet, less salty foods, we limit calories, we avoid nibbling… In short, we carefully monitor our diet .

Yet, according to a new study conducted by the University at Buffalo (in the United States) and published in the Californian Journal of Health Promotion, the main enemy of our silhouette would be … alcohol.

First thing to know: alcohol is caloric. Thus, a 33 cl beer can contains about 150 Kcal; “If you drink 5 beers during a party, you get 750 Kcal, which is three-quarters of our daily caloric intake,” say the researchers.

“After a drunken evening, our eating habits change in favor of fatty, salty and sweet foods,” they add. Excessive consumption of alcohol (even punctual) also favors nocturnal snacking and dehydration: two factors that boost weight gain.

“Hangover” and harmful eating behaviors

Worse: “the phenomenon of” hangover “(which can occur after a very drunk evening) can also lead to unreasonable eating behavior: a breakfast based on fast food, for example.

How to explain this link between excessive alcohol consumption and harmful eating habits? According to the researchers, “alcohol causes a massive increase of blood sugar: the blood glucose level increases sharply to decrease just as quickly. This generates a feeling of hunger, which the individual does not satisfy with healthy foods. ”

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To reach these conclusions, the researchers followed a group of 286 American students; 65% of them admitted to practicing binge drinking regularly.

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