15 people have died of an unknown disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Since early July, about fifteen people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The disease that has struck them down has not yet been identified.

In the space of a month, 15 people died in Beni (Democratic Republic of Congo). These deaths are part of a larger number of suspected cases, which have been identified by local doctors. “Victims had nasal bleeding, blood-stained vomiting and fevers, some bodies even had bleeding through their ears, victims are able to survive 6 to 7 days before dying, and we tried what we could to save the them. This is a disease whose origin we still do not know, “said Dr. Alain Musondolya in La Libre Afrique. A new form of Ebola is suspected because the symptoms are quite similar.

Currently, six other people suffering from the disease (5 women and one man) are being observed and samples have been sent to the INRB (National Institute of Biomedical Research) of Kinshasa, the capital, to be examined. For the time being, residents of the affected area are encouraged to follow strict hygiene rules, including handwashing. The current mayor of Beni insisted especially on “not to manipulating the body of a person who died of the disease”. The doctor, interviewed by Europe1, fears a spread of the epidemic: “We have no inputs to treat them and the staff is exposed to contamination”.

Shakes Gilles

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