This Google AI can predict death

US computer giant Google is known for its moonshot projects that have often resulted in great consumer products. This time, however, the company’s new project looks rather morbid. Upon reading this article, a certain feeling of unease may be felt. A morbid sci-fi aftertaste that also implies an ever greater intrusion of the computer giants into the private lives of individuals.

This new Google project is nothing more than using artificial intelligence to predict when an individual would be most likely to die. Beyond this aspect, Medical Brain, as it is called, turns out to be a program for many purposes. Indeed, it could predict the length of hospitalization of patients, as well as the possibility – or not – of the need for a new surgical procedure.

The intelligence behind its predictions is an artificial form that can swallow thousands of medical records and, through powerful algorithmic calculations, predict such possibilities. By combining the data collected, Medical Brain can thus predict the death of hospitalized patients.

During one of the tests of the AI, the file of a patient with a cancer in terminal phase was studied. After calculation, the artificial intelligence had estimated his risk of death at 19.9% against 9.3% from the medical profession. An assessment that was, unfortunately, true a few days later.

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For Google, Medical Brain should be used in addition to medical advice. By accumulating patient data, as well as all medical knowledge, artificial intelligence would be able to evaluate the best decisions for a patient.

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