The UK’s heat wave can be seen from space

The heat wave currently going through the UK and Ireland may well become the longest episode of heat wave since 1976. The effects of this unusual rise in temperature are even visible from space!

The British Isles have been experiencing a severe heat wave since the end of May, and rainfall is very scarce. It turns out that some parts of the UK have even received just 6% of the usual amount of rainfall they usually get. This incredible lack of water has had a significant impact on vegetation, so much so that these changes are visible from space.

The UK Meteorological Office has published some very interesting satellite images on Twitter on July 18, 2018, and the Carlow Weather platform had done the same thing a week ago on Ireland.


Credit: GIF / MET Office capture on Twitter

Also remember that a large fire occurred in the moor, near the city of Manchester at the end of June. In Northern Ireland, lawn watering has been banned since last month, which could also be the case in northwestern England from 5 August 2018.

This week, the temperature forecasts are unfortunately not going down. Indeed, this is rather the opposite, because the MET Office estimates that a temperature of 34 ° C could be reached in certain areas, breaking the record set on June 28, 2018 (33 ° C). In addition, this exceptional canicular episode could last a few more weeks.

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Finally, the British Institute of Meteorology has also published a document intended to remind that this kind of situation is one of the consequences of climate change induced by human activities, and that the future will go from records to records.

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