Researchers have created an alloy as strong as Captain America’s shield


The shield of Captain America is deemed indestructible. And researchers think they have found a way to produce an alloy whose physical properties are similar to those of the legendary weapon.

Some researchers are inspired by nature. Others try to overcome the super powers of Comics characters. And in this race, American physicists recently announced to have designed an alloy almost as resistant as the shield of Captain America. According to researchers at the University of North Texas (UNT), the alloy they have developed is incredibly resistant, almost as much as the legendary vibranium of the Black Panther costume or the no less legendary proto-adamantium of Captain America’s shield.

According to the legend, only Thor’s powerful hammer would be able to break the material that is the shield of Captain America. To destroy it, there is no alternative but to resort to a molecular rearranger. Thus, the scientists’ claim that their material is as strong, or almost as strong, is nothing short of extraordinary.

The secret of this new alloy? Simultaneously run chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese and silicon in the following proportions: Fe42Mn28Co10Cr15Si5. But the bulk of the work is done using a friction-stirring tool that generates frictional heat before mixing the mixture. The method leads to a so-called high entropy multiphase alloy with a high resistance.

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The trouble is that this alloy is expensive. Among other things, because it contains a significant amount of cobalt whose cost per ton is estimated at more than 80,000 dollars while the ton of iron costs less than 60 euros. Researchers are already exploring other possibilities that could allow commercial use of their material.

Andrei Santov

Andrei, a sociologist by profession, born in Russia but currently located in UK, covers mostly European and Russia-related news for The Talking Democrat.