Heat wave kills at least 15 people in Japan

In Japan, a heat wave has killed at least 15 people during the first two weeks of July when the temperatures reached 40 degrees Celsius in many cities. 12,000 other people were also hospitalized, according to official figures released Sunday.

Twelve people died in the week ended July 15, for more than 9,900 hospitalizations, three people died the previous week, for 2,700 hospitalizations, according to the disaster management agency.

According to Kyodo News, at least 11 people died on Saturday alone, mostly the elderly.

The meteorological agency announced that temperatures exceeded Sunday afternoon 35 degrees Celsius in 233 points of the archipelago. In Gugo, in central Japan, it was 39.8 degrees and in several parts of Tokyo, the thermometer exceeded 37 degrees.

The agency has issued a hot warning for most areas of the main island of the archipelago. “The risk of heat stroke is particularly high,” the statement says, calling people to drink a lot and use air conditioning.

The Ministry of Education has asked schools to give up outdoor activities during hot weather. A six-year-old boy died last week of heat stroke during a school trip.

Shakes Gilles

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