Children of overprotective parents are more likely to have behavioral problems

protective parents

Children who are over-brooded by their parents are at higher risk for behavioral problems. Indeed, the behavior of overprotective parents would cause behavioral and emotional disorders in children, according to the results of a study published in the medical journal Developmental Psychology.

Researchers from universities in Minnesota, North Carolina and Zurich (Switzerland) followed 422 children over an eight-year period between two, five and ten years to understand the impact of parents’ protective behavior on children. The results of the study showed that when the child had a good emotional balance by the age 5 it was likely that he or she had good social skills and better productivity by the 10.

The researchers also found that children with effective impulse control were also less likely to develop emotional and social problems and had better academic skills by the age of 10. “The behaviors of the parents we studied included parents who were constantly telling their child what and how to play, how to tidy up after playing, parents who were too strict or too demanding,” said Nicole B. Perry, the author of this study.

“Our research has shown that children of protective parents may be less able to cope with the challenges of growth, especially in a complex environment like school.” Children who can not regulate their emotions and behavior are more likely to behave badly in class, to have more trouble making friends… “, explained Professor Perry. “The children reacted differently, some became suspicious, others indifferent, while some showed frustration.”

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