A link between testosterone and luxury

A Franco-American research team has just shown that, in men, higher testosterone levels would be linked to a pronounced taste for products associated with a higher social rank.

Certain events in a man’s life would increase his testosterone level: the obtaining of a diploma, a sporting event, the presence of an attractive person, a divorce, etc… A Franco-American research team has just shown that in such contexts, where testosterone is high, men would be more inclined to turn to more luxurious products in the same way that a peacock does to seduce a mate. Their study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

243 men, aged between 18 and 55, volunteered for this study. Half received one dose of testosterone and the others a placebo. The scientists then presented them with lots of similar products, but of different brands. The participants had to choose the one they preferred. The “prestige” of the brand was previously measured in a poll of more than 600 men.

Men who had received testosterone injections were more likely to choose a product with a higher social status, such as a luxury brand. According to the researchers, owning a so-called “prestigious” product, makes it possible for a person to indicate his rank within society as does the deer with its antlers or the peacock with its tail. These signals are then sent to a potential partner or competitor. However, further studies are needed to generalize these results.

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